160+ Vinyl Drum Kit – Free Sample Pack Vol.2

Volume 2 of the Vinyl Drum Kit series features Over 160+ free single hit drum samples taken directly from vinyl. These hand picked and trimmed sounds include kicks, snares, hi hats, claps and percussion to add some crackling, sizzling drums to your personal sound library.

If you enjoyed this sound pack please check out our previous kits Volume 1 and Volume 3 in the series.

Audio FormatWAV
File Size8.8MB



  1. HOW THE F**************CK did i not come across this website before….its like a one stop thing. no need for ones and the url is so simple!! STUPID STUPID!

  2. What Jesse said….
    Theres been a few sample sites to come and go.
    These samples though… good stuff. What a find indeed!

  3. Yo ,i wanna say thank you for sharing ,bro .This straight dope .I don`t know who you are ,but you gotta be a real classic hip hop addict ,just like me .Peace ,keep up the good stuff ,BERLIN is bangin to dat shit….

  4. Howdy, I have considered buying the software DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping somebody could give me an actual authentic testimony of the program. Most internet sites that provide you with critiques are in fact affiliate sites endorsing the software program so I question that the critiques are reputable. Cheers in advance for all the insight anybody can offer.

    • DubTurbo is a JOKE. Don’t waste your time…Reason is the best beat making software ever (some will disagree). At the end of the day it’s about what software is the most comfortable for ‘you’ to use…just stay away from the fakes!


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