50 Free Classic Hip Hop Break Loops Vol.2

Volume 2 of the Classic Hip Hop Break Loops series contains 50 free unprocessed loops.

These drum loops have been sampled on countless hit hip hop records. Each file is has been trimmed down and contains original artist info for you to get started right away.

If you like this sound pack don’t forget to check out Volume 1, Volume 3 and Volume 4 of this series for more free classic loops!

Drum Loops50
Audio FormatWAV
File Size33.5MB


Note: These break loops come from the original song and artists stated in the filenames. They are NOT recreations. If you are going to use these samples in your work other than personal use, you may need to get these samples cleared. Use your own discretion when using these particular loops in your work.


  1. Thank you so much for these samples man, I just downloaded pretty much everything I found on here and have only listened to the Rare Breaks vol. 1 so far but it’s fucking perfect. Never would have expected to find stuff of that quality online without having to dig for it myself! I’ve been digging a fair bit lately and found some good samples but a distinct lack of banging drums so this is a great help, thanks again.

  2. Wow… was looking for some breaks and was super impressed with these collections! Thank you so much for this.
    God bless, stay safe and best wishes from NZ!


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