50 Free Classic Hip Hop Break Loops Vol.4

Volume 4 of the Classic Hip Hop Break Loops series contains 50 free unprocessed loops.

Countless hit hip hop records have sampled these drum loops. Each .WAV file is trimmed down and contains original artist info for you to start playing around right away.

If you like this sound pack don’t forget to check out Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 of this series for more free classic loops!

Drum Loops50
Audio FormatWAV
File Size46.9MB


Note: These break loops come from the original song and artists stated in the filenames. They are NOT recreations. If you are going to use these samples in your work other than personal use, you may need to get these samples cleared. Use your own discretion when using these particular loops in your work.


  1. this is weird all the files are zip files and when i download them an abeton live icon pops up with it, it then tries to open the file in live and wont do so. i thought this was a wav file? why is it a zip file then? and how do i open it?

    • The .wav files are contained in the zip. You need to unzip the package with something like winRAR or there should be something built into your OS to unzip them. As to why the abelton live icon pops up with it, i have no idea. You must have associated the file type of .zip with ableton. Check google, you can figure it all out there.

      • Wow! You’ve got some patiences there replying to that one. It’s really good of you but come on “how to open a zip file” is way beyond amoeba style!

  2. can y’all also do a hip hop vocal shout pack so shouts from James Brown, Mountain etc it would be really helpful thanks

  3. How can I use the drums? I can only turn on the loops instead of using the drums of the loops. I’m using Fruity Loops and I just started. I really want to find out how every thing works.


  4. Hey Guys I Wanted To Ask You What Is The Original Format Of The Songs You Sample Because I Only Sample HQ On My Pc(generally it’s FLAC.)And You Give Us Those Loops In WAV. But I Wanted To Make Sure You Sampled It From HQ Like CD’s Or Vinyl And Not From Mp3’s So I Can Sample Them. Please Respond Me ASAP Cause I Can’t Wait To Use Them


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